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Horizons offers a full range of Intensive Behavioral Health Services (IBHS) that families can access in their homes, in their child’s school and in the community.

Horizons believes that each child has a support system that includes their family, friends, school and community. It is our goal to provide IBHS to children while maintaining an emphasis on the strengths and needs of each child’s support systems.

Behavioral Specialist Consultant (BSC): The BSC is responsible for assessing the strengths and needs of the child and their support system. The BSC creates a treatment plan that will include treatment goals for the child along with the methods that will be used to achieve those goals. The BSC will provide on-going assessment and consultation with the child’s support system and adjust the treatment plan as needed.


Mobile Therapist (MT): The MT will provide therapy to the children and their families in their home, school, and community. They support the child and the family in coping with issues such as parenting skills, anger management, behavior modification, bereavement, sibling conflict, attention-deficit and development delays.


Behavioral Health Technician (BHT): A BHT may be provided in the home, school or community. The BHT provides immediate and direct feedback to the child, parent/guardian or teacher about how to appropriately manage the child’s behavior as it occurs. The primary role of the BHT is to support the child and their support system to implement the therapeutic interventions.


Case Management (CM): Each child receiving IBHS through Horizons will be assigned a Case Manager. The Case Manager is responsible for insuring that all services are delivered in an efficient and timely manner. The Case Manager can also assist in accessing community supports to best meet the needs of the child and family.

Please contact Jennifer Betschner, M.Ed at 215-355-9707 Extension 30 for more information.